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Cheyenne, WY (December 15, 2018) — Cow Eye Press, the independent publisher of very good fiction, announced a new strategic partnership with the Dimwiddle Family Foundation, the award-winning charity whose extensive investments include a significant portfolio in Cow Eye Junction.

According to Cow Eye Press publisher Natalie Zeldner, this new partnership reflects her press's commitment to achieving economic viability despite the challenges of the current publishing climate, and will further enhance its ability to publish literary works that have fallen outside the narrow focus of the New York publishing industry and mainstream literary press.

"We’re delighted to be receiving this infusion of cash, which we believe will give us the necessary resources to last another 8-10 months. The strategic partnership will begin on January 1 and will continue on a year-to-year basis dependent upon our ability to convince our benefactors that literature does in fact bring a meaningful and tangible benefit not just to society but also, indirectly, to shareholders."

Zeldner says that the new Dimwiddle investment, while staving off immediate insolvency, also brings with it new opportunities for literary discovery.

"In deference to our new partners and their own strategic profile, we will be refining the scope of our literary offerings. In addition to our existing editorial requirements, we will now also be requiring that all creative works submitted to us contain at least one positive reference to our nation's constitutional protections as set forth in the Second Amendment."

Zeldner believes that the current arrangement is very promising and may even serve as a model for other publishers trying to strike a delicate balance between the ostensibly competing imperatives of art and private finance.

"We're about at the end of our rope right now," says Zelder. "So it can't hurt to try."

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CONTACT: Natalie Zeldner, Editor, Cow Eye Press