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Cheyenne, WY (June 25, 2018) — Cow Eye Press, an independent publisher specializing in timeless prose, unveiled a new informational campaign to raise awareness for the plight of independent publishers and small presses across the world. The provocative new campaign, titled "#TaupeAttack", encourages the reading public to wear taupe on July 23 as a show of support for literary works that have fallen outside the narrow focus of the New York publishing industry and mainstream literary press.

Cow Eye Press publisher and campaign organizer Natalie Zeldner believes the ambitious event should help unite what has otherwise tended to be a disparate collection of presses, personalities, and passions around a common issue.

"Independent publishers are like gnats," said Zeldner. "Each of us may be small individually but when we come together we are a force of nature that cannot be ignored. Together we could bury half of Manhattan in unread books. So why are we still overlooked and disrespected? This campaign is a way to show the world - in vivid color - how remarkable our collective imprint actually is."

According to Zeldner, the #TaupeAttack campaign is also meant to highlight the subtle ways that independent presses contribute to society without being adequately represented or appreciated. Even the unique choice of color was arrived at after many hours of strategic discussion.

"We were inspired by some of the other causes that had already snapped up colors for their own campaigns (pink for breast cancer, purple for Alzheimers, the red nose thing for child poverty) so we realized we needed to move quickly. We finally settled on taupe because it is a wonderful color that is both beautiful and stylish while also being understated and dignified. And of course, independent publishers are nothing if not exemplars of quiet dignity when it comes to marketing their books."

Zeldner said she and her advisors chose the July 23 date for its symbolic resonance, falling as it does precisely between Bastille Day on July 14 and National Coloring Book Day on August 2. She also stated that the specific date would change annually to reflect other historically important milestones in the emancipation of the human spirit.

"We'll be changing it up every year to keep it fresh. And we may even change the color itself should the mood strike us. We're independent publishers after all, which means we have the freedom to do what we want; we're not beholden to anybody else's color preferences. But for now it's taupe because, well, I look fucking great in taupe!"

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#TAUPEATTACK! HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING: If you want to support Cow Eye Press as an independent publisher, you can purchase one of our commemorative #TaupeAttack organic T-shirts to wear on July 23! Learn more here.

CONTACT: Natalie Zeldner, Editor, Cow Eye Press

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