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Cheyenne, WY (April 10, 2021) — At a tear-filled press conference at the Dimwiddle Auditorium on CECC's satellite campus in Lost Springs, Cow Eye Press editor Natalie Zeldner announced that the independent publisher will be downsizing its web and social media presence effective immediately.

"Our books will still be available for sale," she clarified. "And all other publishing operations will continue as usual. But going forward we will not be active in social media. After much deliberation, we have decided to focus our energies on creating books rather than trying to actually sell them."

Zeldner confirmed that the press's website and social media accounts will be preserved "au naturel", and that periodic updates will be inevitable - but that no active effort will be made to attract the public's attention to them.

"There is already enough 'content' in the world," said Zeldner. "There is already too much competition for readers' attentions."

When asked by a reporter what exactly the small press would be "cleaning" during its hiatus, the beleagured literary woman stated that this was as of yet unclear, but that a self-imposed exile from the literary community would be "mutually beneficial" as it will allow for internal reflection and consideration of next steps.

"We have always believed, perhaps naively, that it is possible to create works of art for their own sake - that it might somehow be possible to earn the favors of the literary world without sullying oneself by becoming a part of it. Lately we've found ourselves being pulled into the roiling sludge of this industry. As a press who values literature's higher purpose, we feel it is time to wash our hands of this endeavor in the near term, so that we can better focus our earnestness on the more rewarding aspects of literature and publishing."

Zeldner says that for upcoming titles her press will no longer conduct promotional or informational campaigns and instead will trust readers to intuit when a CEP book has been published and whether that book is likely to be worthy of their attention.

According to Zeldner, Cow Eye Press's next title, a novel with pretensions to literary immortality, will be released in Fall 2021.

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CONTACT: Natalie Zeldner, Editor, Cow Eye Press