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Cow Eye Junction, April 15, 2015—Cow Eye Press, a new publishing house specializing in literary fiction with an intercultural focus, is proud to announce the release of its first title – Cow Country by debut author Adrian Jones Pearson.

The 540-page novel is an epic account of one man’s frantic pursuit of love and regional accreditation at Cow Eye Community College, a fictional institution in the not-so-fictional town of Cow Eye Junction. The book has already received praise from advance reviewers, and has been called "a zany, innovative addition to the campus novel genre" by renowned scholar of the novel Steven Moore. While the book is targeted toward an intellectual audience, it will also be interesting for a general readership and those who, as the San Francisco Book Review puts it, “have experience with academia, an ear for the absurd, and possess an appreciation for satirical humor.”

Editor Natalie Zeldner says that Cow Country was the perfect book to launch its new imprint, which opened in 2014. “We really wanted to kick off with a book that embodies everything our press is about. With its cultural themes and subtle humor, Cow Country was everything we were looking for. And of course it happens to be about cattle – which is a huge bonus.”

Zeldner says the book was targeted for release on April 15 to coincide with the culmination of the tax season and that this was suggested by its author. “One of the highest aims of a community college education is to produce god-fearing, tax-paying citizens of our great country. And so we’re releasing the book in honor of that noble aim.”

The book is available through Ingram Book Group, at, and at select local booksellers, though Zeldner admits that the book is not likely to find a wide distribution initially. “With this first book it’s been a whirlwind to get everything up and running in time for the release. It was a lot of work, but now it just feels great to have our first title out.”

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CONTACT: Natalie Zeldner, Editor, Cow Eye Press

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